Can't beat them on price? 
Beat them on value with customized rewards that send your guests home saying this was their best vacation ever

Travelers want more than a bed

85% of leisure travelers plan what to do after arriving at their destination. 


68% of travellers do not want to feel like a tourist while on vacation.


49% are most stressed by having to develop  an itinerary of fun and unique experiences. 

Hotels want more than a guest

Up to 70% of hotel bookings
are captured by online travel agents (OTA) who take up to 25% o the revenue; 


Up to 65% of OTA users check out your hotel website to learn more;

MyJupiter gives you the power to convert these visitors into your loyal customers by offering them value no one else can. 

Capture direct bookings on your website and social media channels with rewards-based offers that can't be beat. 

Capture direct bookings with customized and localized incentives and rewards;

Build loyalty by giving your guests more value for their travel dollars and helping them lessen the stress of activity planning;

Showcase your restaurant, spa or other services as rewards that drive increased revenue; 


Stand out in an increasingly crowded hotel space with unbeatable value for your guests.


In an age of nearly unlimited choice, building customer loyalty is no easy task.

This is especially true in the travel industry where hotels, airlines and experience providers face stiff competition for attention and loyalty.


Enter MyJupiter.


Jupiter provides its B2B clients with an easy to implement solution to help capture more direct bookings and to help their guests maximize their travel experience, and go home saying this was their best vacation ever. 


Drive revenue, drive loyalty.


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